Special effects: essential or distracting?

Due to the increasing amount of special effects in movies opinions are divided about whether special effects are being used too much or not. This report sets out to find out if special effects are essential to the movie or if they just distract the viewer from the story. To figure this out we asked the students of EF what they think.

The opinions were divided regarding if the students pay attention to the special effects or not. At least most of them didn’t get distracted from the story by the special effects, which suggests that they probably don’t pay as much attention to the special effects as they think. Similarly most of the students asked believed that the special effects adds to the story rather then distracting from it.

When asked if they would watch a movie with no special effects, only 1 out of 7 said that they would not want to do it. I think this shows that while they think the special effects is a part of the story, it is not an essential one.

To conclude, in light of the research above it is safe to say that special effects is a part of the story and therefore is not distracting from it. But its also not an essential part of the story since many people could imagine to watch a movie with no special effects.




Special Effects| Essentioal or Distracting

The purpose of this report is for special effects in movies are essentioal or distracting these days movie have used lots of computer generated imagery . but sometimes it makes people annoying .

Accroding  to EF international language school students they think that sometimes it used too much in movie. one of students said ‘it makes me annoying because of computer generated imagery I couldn’t focus on the movie ‘ he said one of the worst movie because of CGI is ‘DEADPOLE’ but althought some studendts feel uncomfortable because of immoderate CGI, some students love this kind of effects. another student said ‘I love moive like marvel film because of amazing CGI it makes me interesting . so I love this kind of CGI’

DUE to this survey special effects is depend on

Special Effects: Essential or Distracting


The purpose of this report is to summarize the different opinions to special effects in films.  Included the question if special effects are essential or distracting.

Do the people like Special Effects?

Actually, most of the people do. 100 % of the people we interviewed do like special effects if they`re not too much.

Favourite film with Special effects:

The people we interviewed liked the films f.e. Deadpool, Marvel films, Lord of the rings or X-man.


Nearly everyone liked special effects.  It makes the movie more interesting and more exciting. It makes the movie seen more realistic.


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